PCV Valve Service At Tuffy Clinton Township In Clinton Township

September 29, 2015

Today, we are talking about your PCV valve. The PCV Valve is a little, inexpensive part that does an important job for Clinton Township auto owners. PCV stands for Positive Crankcase Ventilation. The crankcase is the bottom area of the engine that holds the oil. When the SUV engines... More

Hey Clinton Township Drivers, How Many Miles Are On Your Car?

September 17, 2015

Nowadays, Clinton Township auto owners are paying more at Clinton Township gas pumps. For some families in the greater Clinton Township area, it adds up to several hundred dollars every month. Thats got to come out of the budget somewhere. This is one of the reasons many Michigan car... More

Problems with Suspension Solved at Tuffy Clinton Township in Clinton Township

September 11, 2015

A vehicles suspension system is tough. It can last for years and tens of thousands of miles for Clinton Township motorists. But it can be damaged quickly by hitting a pothole, curb or rock, and it can wear more quickly if you frequently drive off-road or on bumpy roads. A workhorse vehicle one t... More

Service to Improve Fuel Economy

September 3, 2015

The price of gas in Michigan has got Clinton Township car owners talking. It seems that Clinton Township folks who need a bigger vehicle to carry family and gear, or provide four wheel drive, are hit especially. That is why we thought it would be good to review some things that anyone... More