Beware of Potholes! (Avoiding Pothole Damage)

February 28, 2021

You may live in a region where roads become pockmarked with craters known better as potholes. They're caused by moisture seeping through a compromised road surface that can freeze, expand and literally punch holes in the road. And when your vehicle hits one of those holes that's big enough, the... More

Introduction to Diesels for Clinton Township, Michigan

February 21, 2021

Something you're going to be hearing a lot about around Clinton Township, Michigan, is diesel engines. We're not talking about semi-trucks and buses; we're talking about diesel engine cars, pick-ups and SUVs.Most people in Michigan are surprised to learn that around half the cars on the road in E... More

When Your Air Bag Light Comes On (Illuminated Air Bag Light)

February 14, 2021

There are some dashboard lights you should pay more attention to than others. One is the air bag light. If it's on and your vehicle is in an accident, your air bags probably won't do their job. Automakers began installing air bags in the late 1990's since they were mandatory in the United State... More

Automotive Tips from Tuffy Clinton Township: Air Conditioning Inspection

February 7, 2021

Most auto manufacturers recommend an interval for an air conditioning system inspection. The inspection uncovers leaks, worn hoses and assesses the condition of the other components.Environmental laws in some around Clinton Township require leaks to be repaired before refrigerant can be added. Al... More