Improve Fuel Economy with Proper Maintenance at Tuffy Clinton Township in Clinton Township

January 28, 2018

With Clinton Township gas prices being what they are, many of us in Michigan are driving less and looking into purchasing smaller or more efficient vehicles. Clinton Township area residents who have to drive a lot, have large families or need four-wheel drive are particularly hard hit by the cost... More

How to Know When to Change Your Oil at Tuffy Clinton Township

January 21, 2018

Today in the Tuffy Clinton Township auto care blog, we're going to talk to Clinton Township drivers about oil change intervals. It seems that as engine technology advances, oil change intervals become longer for Tuffy Clinton Township customers. For example, recently four of the world's largest ... More

Tuffy Clinton Township Fuel Saving Tip for Clinton Township: Check Engine Light

January 14, 2018

Here's a question for Clinton Township, Michigan : How long have you been enjoying the romantic glow of your Check Engine light? Hey, it's not there to create ambiance; it's a warning that something's wrong. (And, by the way, Homer Simpson's fix of covering it with tape is not a good idea.) Many... More

Clinton Township Exhaust and Emissions Service

January 7, 2018

Many Clinton Township residents don't realize that there is more to exhaust system maintenance than just tailpipes and mufflers, if you can see smoke or if it's too loud. Exhaust service at a full-service automotive center like Tuffy Clinton Township is really a lot more comprehensive these days... More

Fall and Spring Checkup in Clinton Township

January 4, 2018

When I was a kid, my dad always made sure he took the cars in for Spring and Fall checkups. I was telling a friend that it's about time to get into Tuffy Clinton Township for a checkup and he said that he read on the internet that modern cars don't need seasonal service.My friend is (technically)... More